Vincentian deportee claims sexual assault in Canada

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent – This country continues to feature in Canada as far as immigration related issues are concerned.

A court in that North American nation this week reserved its decision in a matter in which a 46-year-old Vincentian woman claimed an official sexually assaulted her while in immigration lock-up last year.

According to a Caribbean Camera report this week, credibility is an issue in the case since the woman is said to have changed her story about the incident, which allegedly took place in July 2010.

The case continues even as Canada Border Services fired the accused former immigration official and the woman was deported last year.

Attorney for the accused man said that the Vincentian woman’s complaint changed, saying at first that the man groped her then later saying that he had sex with her.

The woman did not file a complaint about the alleged incident until one week after it reportedly occurred, when her deportation was confirmed.

She initially accused the 36-year-old man of ripping off her clothes, grabbing her breast and forcing oral sex and intercourse on her.

The accused man has denied the allegations, saying that the woman, who was desperate to delay her deportation, initiated “cheek-to-cheek” contact.

His lawyer told the Ontario Superior Court that the case is a “he says-she says” one and that the woman appeared “calm and composed” in video images captured in the hallway while leaving the interview room after the incident reportedly occurred.

The prosecutor however, said that the accused man was caught in the same video stepping out of the room “to ensure that the area was vacant”.

The prosecutor further argued that there is no template of what a victim should look like and the woman’s evidence appeared inconsistent because she was ashamed to reveal details of the assault.

This country came in for some negative press in Canada in November when the Toronto Star published an article asking if this country was the worst place in the world to be a woman.

The article said that last decade, 4,500 Vincentian, mostly women claiming domestic abuse, sought asylum in Canada.

While some of the applicants were legitimate and were supported by Vincentian envoys in Canada, reports say that unscrupulous lawyers have been encouraging citizens to file fraudulent cases for asylum in the North American country.

Meanwhile, Canada’s Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister, Jason Kenney said earlier this month that Canadian citizenship is not for sale.

He said that Canada was investigating 6,500 people from more than 100 countries for fraudulently attempting to gain citizenship or maintain permanent resident status there, according to a press statement.

In July, Kenney announced that Canada beginning the process to revoke the citizenship of up to 1,800 citizens who obtained it fraudulently.

That number had risen to more than 2,100 earlier this month.

Nearly 4,400 people with permanent resident status who are known to be implicated in residence fraud have been flagged for additional scrutiny should they attempt to enter Canada or obtain citizenship. The majority of these individuals are outside the country, the press statement said.

In typical cases, permanent residents will use the services of an unscrupulous immigration consultant to establish evidence of residence in Canada while living abroad most, if not all, of the time. This fraud is perpetrated so that individuals can maintain their permanent residence status and later apply for citizenship.

A family of five may pay upwards of $25,000 over four or more years to create the illusion of residence in Canada.

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10 thoughts on “Vincentian deportee claims sexual assault in Canada

  1. I am a young Vincentian woman who has been the brunt of abuse in many forms since childhood. I myself has thought of applying for permanent residency in Canada, and really am considering this as a way of getting over all the hurts I have felt as a young woman. At times I become emotionally distraught at the memories of what I have been through, but God has made me strong. So, I will wait until he says I should make that move.

    Posted by Sharon | December 23, 2011, 08:09
    • God bless you for speaking out Sharon, abuse is obvious in Svg, I am alarmed as a Counselor when I travel there the number of yougn ladies that are pregnant, fathers just gone and leave them to survive on they own, many whom have been forced and beaten into sex. The authorities seem not to see this as a serious matter and seem to just brush it off as a norm, how sad this is…

      However running away and leaving the problem to increase is not the solution, since there are so many people claiming abuse you people have power, if not via Government, make the U.N and Human Rights Listen and you can… already via these happenings its been highlighted.

      Yes Pray and pray and pray, Almighty God will also listen…and the wicked willnot go unpunished, no matter how long it might appear. Trust you have been receiving counselling and taking the steps to recovery. I salute your courage and pray Gods blessings on your life..

      Additionally we are not to abuse such situations, many make false clamims many as just a way to escape for financial gain, while i do understand the need to get a better life we are to remember eventually we will reap what we have sown…if we lie to get it we will loose it shamefully…

      God made SVG because He knows people can make it there, we ought to take our eyes off intl countries and be more grateful for what Godhas given us… as He told Moses use what you have in your hands…

      Posted by Caribbeanstar | December 23, 2011, 10:57
      • perhaps these young ladies should follow the rule of getting married before sex don’t you think so?

        Posted by jason | December 27, 2011, 00:16
      • @Jason its more than Marraige before child, as a man what really hurts me is the level of abuse… then leave them to fend for themselves n child particular with 18-24 yr olds… then the level of boasting I overhear, yes spiritual wisdom is needed, and commonsense…

        Posted by Caribbeanstar | December 27, 2011, 10:50

        Posted by EMPRESS | December 29, 2011, 10:03
  2. Yes, Vincentian women who lived or were living in Canada have made the news again.
    The trend is quite interesting.
    Anyhow, Kenton, of the 4,500 Vincentians over the last decade who have filed for asylum in Canada, how much were the “SOME” of the APPLICANTS that were LEGITIMATE?

    Posted by VINCY POWA (@VINCYPOWA) | December 23, 2011, 14:07
  3. It breaks my heart everyday…… hear the stories and experiences that these women have gone through and are still going through…I was born in st.vincent myself…I’ved seen and heard .. treating abusive boyfriends and husband…some of these men are so freaking controlling it’s.ridicoulous….for the passed few months the abused and killings of women in St’vincent has increased….I’m hoping that the government in power do something soon…be strong sharon god is good..blessed.

    Posted by muah | December 23, 2011, 16:47
  4. Caribbean star is talking about the amount of Vincentian young women that are pregnant, is this an epidemic???????

    Posted by Vincyouth | December 25, 2011, 19:55
    • no it is not an epedemic but surely creating one, are you aware of the Aids/HIV statisctics for Caribbean Countries? What about the number of children left unfatherd, born in abusice\hostile relationships, What about the number of educational opportunities messed up, what about parents who now have to “mind grandchildren” as if they are they own, because of irresponsible young people, what about many getting pregnant by force sex encounters and the mental scars, what about the ones who just doing it for a “style”… sure roots of an epedemic in the making… Society pays fo rit in the end… Children are a gift from God but the manner they are conceived is surely unGodly… and needs fixing, Ive had too counsel far too many young ladies hurting an in pain from such wanna just end they lives cant see a future, been rejected, running all over the place for escape and being laughed at when its reported… That is enough to cause me concern because as a surviving product of same I still know the scarrs n pain,,, and most of all I CARE about them and wish them not to face some the things I had to growing up…

      Posted by Caribbeanstar | December 26, 2011, 21:19


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